What To Expect When Dating Russian Women?

Moving the online dating conversation to your personal socials is one thing. Stepping it up to a first date is another. That is especially challenging when you're planning to date a Russian woman that practices an entirely different culture from yours.

If you're not wise enough to study their culture, the date would undoubtedly be a failure. To help you in that area, we prepared the best guides to date a Russian girl. From the Russian women's qualities to what to expect when dating a Russian lady, we have everything laid out for you.

Common Qualities of Russian Ladies

Anywhere you go, you may notice Russian women glaring at you without any possible reason. They're not angry at you—they are not just used to smiling in public. Russian lady's no-nonsense nature and a plethora of other qualities make them unique.

To better grasp your Russian date, we rounded up the common qualities Russian women share.

1. Nonsensical things irritate them

Laughing boisterously in Russian streets or smiling at a stranger nearby is rude in Russia. It's even traceable to when Russians smile when they are about to do a horrific act.

Hence, Russians seldom offer pleasantries in public but instead go straight to the point. They do not like chatting about the weather, too. If you want to make the conversation great, talk about meaningful life matters that challenge their minds.

2. Local traditions are important

Russian women believe in equality for both men and women. They condemn misogyny and any acts that belittle women. However, at the very core, Russian women still look for comfort and security from their partners.

Ladies in Russian are great career women, but they'd give them up in a snap if their families needed them more.

3. Resiliency is in their DNAs

The Pan-Russian countries have gone through a lot. The things they experienced during the Soviet rule only made them stronger, especially the Russian locals.

Russia's unstable economic situation and harsh government laws made the Russian locals susceptible to change. No matter the new rules the Soviet administration implements, they quickly adapt.

4. Family-Oriented

Russians, in general, are family-oriented. The harshness of the economy then pushed every Russian family to combine their resources to survive.

The economic situation before made the Russians trust and value their families better. Many years later, Russians still regard their families with great importance.

What to Expect When Dating Russian Women

Going out on a date with a Russian lady without studying their culture beforehand is like skydiving without the needed protection. It's utterly foolish!

To avoid looking silly in the eyes of your date, we wrote down the things you should expect when dating a Russian girl.

1. Quiet on the first date

Friendliness is a weird character to have in Russia. It isn't also common for them to smile without reason or cover bad moods behind happy faces. 

Hence, it might be safe not to expect a Russian lady to smile at you at the first meeting. They think doing this may be hypocritical—and they shudder to think that they are!

However, once you get to know your Russian date, she will loosen up—which doesn't even take a whole day to get their affection. Once they get comfortable with you, they get very chatty and may even offer the best life advice.

2. Innate go-getters

Let's lay it out once and for all: Russians aren't gold-diggers. If anything, they're goal-getters.

The harshness of the old Russia pushed them to shoot for their dreams—no matter how hard it seemed. So, when you're on a date with a Russian lady, expect her to share about her life aspirations. Notice the sparkle in her eyes when she talks about her dreams for her career and family.

3. Non-racist

Despite Russia's many critics and bad press almost every day, they still condone racism. 

Russians are non-racists because their elders taught them to see everyone equally. So if you feel nervous meeting her family, you can relax now. It'll be unlikely for her family to throw racist remarks against you.

4. Gift as a love language

Russians consider gift-giving as a national tradition. They have a weird and equally adorable impulse to give presents to anyone, no matter the gift's value. So, when on your first date with a Russian woman, remember to bring a gift.

Never make the mistake of showing up empty-handed, as you may risk offending your date. It doesn't even have to be fancy; it just has to mean something.

5. Very opinionated

Generally, Russians are very opinionated. If you say a statement that's hilarious on their ears, never expect them to hold back!

Your Russian date will most likely give her opinion and challenge yours after. She will only ever concede if she heard your explanations well. So, train yourself to express your thoughts clearly.

6. Funny

Pulling each other's legs is most Russian's favorite pastime. Throwing punch lines or joking around is their favorite hobby. It is also a great way to kill any awkwardness.

If you wish to bond with your Russian date, be sure to throw in some jokes, too. It's also best to learn more about their government or classic movies to understand their humor.

7. Romantic partners

Going out on a date with a Russian lady would be like dating Juliet in the 21st century. 

Romantic partners

Should you start a relationship with a Russian lady, infidelity is out of the question as she will be caring and committed to you. You will also find her charming humor, wit, and bravery admiring, too. Naturally, Russian ladies are a keeper!

8. Wise life advisors

Russians as a whole make it to a point to avoid small talk. Most of them find it a complete waste of time. Russian women, in particular, prefer talking about existence and the beauty of life.

Russian women are wise by nature. They have a mature viewpoint in life, something they learned from experience. This Russian quality might be a plus if you prefer someone you can talk with maturely.

Have fun!

The notes and helpful guides above are accounts from men who have dated, are currently dating, or married Russian women. They are stereotypical stories to some degrees, but they are also accurate on most levels.

Although they are real-life statements, what works for them may not exactly work for you. It is always essential to see your Russian date with a grain of salt. 

We hope we helped you have an exciting and beautiful first date or relationship with a Russian single. Loosen up and enjoy, yeah?

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