6 Smart Products For Your Smarter Pets

It's indisputable that our pets are the apple of many of our eyes. We love them, make cozy little nooks for them, buy them expensive food, give them treats and cuddles. We like to provide our pampered pooches and precious kitties with the best lives - they deserve it after all!

But what about tech products that can enhance your pet's life even further. We may think they're our world, but we are wholeheartedly their worlds, and it is up to us to ensure that they don't become bored and have all the things they need to be healthy and entertained!

Many tech products will have your pet truly living their absolute best life, from self-cleaning litter boxes to pup calming plugins such as Smart Cat Chasers and many more.

Let's take a look at the top 6 smart products for your pets and see which ones will have you rushing to the store! 

PetChatz HD: Two-Way Premium Audio  

6 Smart Products For Your Smarter Pets

Do you often find yourself out and wondering about your pet - are they sleeping, perhaps munching on the treats you hid around the house or maybe they're even pooping in the plant pot again, even though you've told them not to over and over again! 

Well, wonder no more with the PetChatz HD, a video communication device that allows you to see and chat with your pampered pet! Keep them company for a while on long days out, or nip online and say hi if you're away and they're being taken care of by a sitter! 

Simply open the app on your smartphone, computer or tablet and press the chat button. You and your pet will be engaging in frequent face times, and you can rest assured they're content even when you're not there!

Smart tech products for dogs and cats don't come cheap and will set you back $349.99 but, your precious baby is worth the splurge, right? 



It's sad to think about, but unfortunately, pets can go missing, and this is a time of great stress, anxiety, and worry for not only you but you're confused and lonely pet too! In some cases, it can take months for anxious owners and their beloved pets to be reunited!

The Whistle 3 is a device that tracks activity using GPS and helps you always know where your pet is. Small in size, the Whistle is easily attached to collars and is safe and ideal for both dogs and cats. By connecting the Whistle to the mobile app, you can track your pets live location so, if they run off on a walk or don't return home from their daily hunt, you can easily track where they are and go and find them if you are at all concerned for them. 

Another feature is the ability to ultimately select a safe zone on the Whistle app of an area around your home. If your pets leave the safe zone, you will receive a notification of their whereabouts to retrieve them.

This tech gadget will set you back $79.95 but will be such a useful investment to ensure the safety of your precious pets.   

Eyenimal Cat Video Cam 

Eyenimal Cat Video Cam

Have you ever sat and actively wondered what your cat does when they disappear out of the house for days and nights at a time? Before casually strutting back into your home as if it were their motel? If so, the Eyenimal Cat video cam is the smart pet product for you. 

You get to see the world through the eyes of your pet. It is designed with cats in mind as they are often the only pets to wander off unaccompanied, but there is no rule saying you can't use it on your canine companion too.

Next time your cat jets off on their long weekend in the fields at the back of the house, attach the camera to their collar and see exactly what they're up to. Running through the fields, hunting mice, or playing with other awesome pals - you'll see it all with the Eyenimal video camera.

At $99 a collar, you can share this tech product between your pets and see for yourself how they see the world - cute!    

iCalm Speakers

Eyenimal Cat Video Cam

Do you struggle to leave your pets alone because they get too anxious, or maybe they are easily spooked by outside sounds? Then the iCalm speakers could be the perfect product to help calm your pet and relieve their anxieties. After all, they feel stress too, not just us humans! 

The speaker plays a sound proven to help ease anxiety within pups, and the bundle includes Bluetooth speakers, SD sound cards and comes loaded with four hours worth of anti-stress music! One hour of the piece is meant to help you bond with your pet!

If this isn't enough to ease your pet's worries, the iCalm speakers also come with some soothing mist and a shockproof carry case so that you can take it with you anywhere you need! With one designed for dogs and one designed for cats - there is no need to worry about your feline friend feeling left out. 

For $144 you can help ease your pet's anxieties and help them live a more stress-free life.

Self-cleaning litter box 

Self-cleaning litter box

Every cat owner knows the struggle of keeping the litter box clean and ensuring no unwanted pet smells waft into our living areas. We can't always be watching our cat's bum - nor can we control their bladder and bowel movements when we aren't home. 

The self-cleaning litter box could be the perfect tool for your home! The scoop-free litter box is a self-cleaning, smart product that cleans itself- crazy! After your kitty has mooched in, gone about their biz, and shuffled back out, the crystals absorb the liquid bits and dry out the solid bits. After 20 minutes of your cat exiting, the sensors activate the cleaning rig, pulling the waste into a covered trap.

For $156.99, you never have to see your feline friends poop again - or smell it! 

To sum it up

There you have it, folks, our top six smart pet products to make your furry friend's lives that little bit better! Ease their anxieties, fill their days with entertainment and clean up their poop with these tech products!

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