All about HGV Training and Licencing

HGV refers to heavy goods vehicles, which is named as commercial transport. These vehicles are used for the movement of different goods and services from server to client place. These goods and services vary according to the requirement and the type of vehicle. 

Because goods that are dangerous to carry are loaded accordingly to maintain safety whereas normal goods are loaded according to the weight and texture of the goods. The HGV drivers are paid similarly based on the type of vehicle they are driving and the type of goods they are carrying in that particular vehicle. As the HGV drivers carrying dangerous materials in their lorries are paid more than drivers carrying normal goods because they are taking a risk to their lives too if they are carrying dangerous materials.

HGV Licencing is a justified process that includes training and testing which further comprises theory training and practical training and testing includes three major categories that are Medical test, Theory Test, and practical Test respectively. This is a pre-designed process for safe and legal driving. The training is kept to give another person the idea of how the driving test is to be accomplished to get a driving licence. 

Read more to know some major details about HGV licence and HGV Training, more specifically you can get to know about HGV C + E Training.

Why is HGV training important for the HGV Licence?

HGV training is important to gain a proper licence and hence the person can do legal driving. From the above discussion, one is aware that the person needs to clear proper tests to get the HGV licence. These tests are to be cleared in one go to get the licence otherwise you need to again give the tests from the initial if you have some gaps in between. These tests justify that HGV C + E training is an important aspect as in training you are given proper guidance on how to perform different test modules for HGV C + E Licence. 

The test modules are categorized into three major categories that are medical tests, theory tests, and practical tests.

Medical Test: Medical test is kept to check your medical fitness that is important for driving. This is the basic checkup about the things that you are fit for driving or not. Medical Tests are a general and brief conversation with the concerned doctor and include basic judgments regarding your health conditions so that you drive safely.

Theory Test: The theory test is the basic understanding of driving, which includes the knowledge of basic driving, some rules and regulations regarding safety, traffic rules, and other basic things that are needed while driving. The theory test consists of basic multiple - choice questions that are 100 in number out of which 85 need to be correct to clear the driving theory test. 

Practical Test: Practical Test is the general skill check for your driving. In the practical test, you are checked with how you are driving, and using and following the rules and regulations that you are known to, during the theory test. The practical test is taken in all the conditions which may occur while driving to check if you will be able to tackle that situation or not. These conditions are based on various situations like windy weather, heavy rainfall, less availability of light, excess availability of light, different road conditions like sloped roads, off-roading situations, broken roads, etc.

These tests are vast in itself so they need proper training to understand the basic aspects of getting a licence and also to get the licence in one go which means clearing the test on the first attempt. HGV C+E Training provides you proper skills and knowledge to gain the HGV C+E licence.

Eligibility Criteria for HGV Licence

It is not easy to drive such large vehicles like HGV (Heavy Goods vehicles), you need to be very clear and alert while driving. The first step is to check your eligibility criteria for an HGV driving licence. Minimum age of 20 years is required to start with the HGV licence process. Also, you need to have a mandatory learning licence before you get to commercial vehicles. Taking into consideration your safety and legal values you will need proper training from an authorized organization to get a genuine exposure from basic training to expert training as well as you get the proper exposure to the final examination. There are two defined ways to apply for the HGV Licence that is through the online application or by visiting offline to the concerned organization.

Document Required for HGV Licence                                             

  • The other step is to mark your documents for further processing.
  • Address proof Document
  • Age Proof Document
  • Forms that are concerned with enclosed passport-sized photographs. 
  • The application fee for the process.

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