Essential things you need to understand about Driving Industry


Driving is a vast industry dealing with a lot of exposure to different places, people, and advancement in your knowledge and skills. Driving is a different act for different people. Some people admire driving, they have some passion regarding the same, some people want driving as a professional career choice, some are non-interested in any of these choices as they only drive for traveling one place to another. 

How is driving the Industry growing day by day?

Driving is not monotonous. Driving is a great exposure to new things every single day. Because driving every vehicle is a different experience for every individual. Driving small vehicles gives you a different experience on the road while driving HGV vehicles gives you a very different experience on road because of differences in the vehicle, its size, its maintenance, its weight, its motion, its machinery, and many other small things which will make your experiences different.

Driving LGV Vehicles legally on roads is a justified process that is stable and authorized officially, which consists of proper LGV Driver Training and then LGV Driver test. When these two processes i.e. LGV Driver Training and LGV Driver test is cleared then only the person will get a license of that particular vehicle. These proper specifications give driving a professional look which is, in turn, making people knowledgeable about driving, its rules and regulations, and increasing the driving skill set of the individuals.  

Increasing demand for goods and services is directly increasing the demand of the LGV drivers who can carry and move the products in their vehicles from one place to another. Many people are moving into this career as this work is usually based on hourly payment which is helpful to many people who don't have any other earning criteria.

Career choices in Driving

Largely driving has three major career choices which can be then segregated according to the vehicle, according to the type of vehicle, type of profession. The two major choices are:

LGV Driver

Largely people are more interested in driving careers than any other careers related to driving. Driving gives a lot of exposure to types of vehicles, their working, and maintenance. Driving gives the best experiences of driving in different conditions like less availability of light, excess availability of light, windy weather conditions, excess rainfall, excess traffic, off-roading conditions, broken roads, and some sloped roads. These conditions are the conditions where driving is hard to get the idea of different conditions. There is the proper process set up that is LGV driver Training Process and LGV driving test. The process of training includes two major modules which are named theory LGV driver training and Practical LGV driver Training. 

Theory LGV Driver Training and Test: Includes your basic knowledge about the rules and regulations that are needed in the process. The theory test includes multiple-choice questions that are 100 in number out of which 85 must be correct to clear the theory test.

Practical LGV Driver Training: Includes the experience and skill set of the person driving. In the final practical test, it is kept after the theory test to check out if you are aware of all the rules and regulations and clearing the above-mentioned theory test, then are you able to implement the above-mentioned rules in your practical driving test or not. The test should be cleared in one go to get that particular license a C+E license for large vehicles. 

LGV Driver Training Instructor

To go for a career choice as an LGV Driver Training Instructor, one needs to follow some of the steps listed below.

  1. Apply to the (RTC) Regional Training center with your choice.
  2. You will be then given a reference number which will further help you in your career as an LGV driver training instructor.
  3. The LGV Driving Training instructor needs a properly processed way to accomplish as an instructor that is a theory test of 100 multiple choice questions based upon general driving out of which 85 questions must be correct and one should secure a minimum of 80 % in all the four areas. to clear for the next round that is a practical test 
  4. After clearing for the general driving test that includes medical fitness, theory test, and practical test additionally an inscrutability test is kept to check if the person is suitable or not to give training in any particular institute where driving training is given.

Problems in Driving Industry

  • Evolution of Self-driving 
  • Sustainability
  • Excess Costs for production and other costs related to it.
  • Connecting new Technologies 

Myths about Driving Industry

  • Large Goods Vehicles is safer during the Crashes than the Small Vehicles
  • More Fuel-Efficient vehicles should be dirty
  • Premium Fuel gives Better Performance
  • Filling Up fuel Tank in Morning time Gives a Better Fuel experience
  • Using Air Conditioner while driving is More Fuel Efficient than Opening Windows

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