Top 7 Favourite Places to Visit in Willemstad?

Willemstad is an inviting and hip travel destination that is the exuberant capital of Curacao. This city is lined with the most beautiful beaches, a unique bridge, national parks, busiest ports, several inlets, cultural museums, underwater marine parks, and a wide variety of water sports to enjoy with family and friends. Visit this city to enjoy the best part of Willemstad, which is the opportunity of meeting well-trained dolphins, tons of stingrays, and giant turtles. There is a place to feed sharks or go with the pelicans at the Curacao Dolphin Academy.

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Kenepa Beach

Kenepa Beach is one of the most loved beaches in Curacao which is open to the public. This beach has clear water and many fish at the rock walls with tons of dining places to enjoy grilled food. This beach however has only a disadvantage as there are no huts or parasols at this place which you can rent. There are clean toilets with shower rooms provided for tourists. You will find plenty of bins and it is reasonably clean, safe and well preserved. There are sports activities found here like Scuba diving and snorkeling. Enjoy the blue water which is incredible and there is a great diversity of fish to discover.

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge

Queen Emma Pontoon Bridge is an antique prodigy of engineering and is beautiful to view both day and night. This famous site offers great photos of the city and at night, once illuminated it becomes one of the most stunning postcards of Curacao. Watch out for how the mechanism opens and closes. This bridge is a floating bridge that connects the two sides of the center of Curacao that is Otrabanda and the Willemstad. If there is any vessel that wishes to go through the channel, there is a sound of a siren, and the traffic on the bridge is halted and thus making it a pendulum motion while opening the passage for the vessel. You will find this bridge has no fixed time to open or close where the movement is based on the arrival of the cargo ships that will pass its waters.

Curacao Dolphin Academy

Curacao Dolphin Academy is an unforgettable visit especially for children which is located beside Mambo Beach. This site requires no admission fee and always varies depending on the activity. This place also has a swim with Dolphin tour which is priced at $ 174 per person and enjoy the free diving with dolphins for $184 per person. If you want to know how to swim and use the snorkeling gear, you can take help from the help desk provided there. You will have a full entertainment facility here for tourists and for participants that are divers with or without certification. So, guys come here to enjoy diving with the dolphin’s experience. 

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Playa Kenepa Chiki

Playa Kenepa Chiki is the beach of stunning colors in Willemstad that has transparent and indescribable blue waters. Come to this deserted and quiet beach that has activities for diving or use a snorkel or cylinder to explore its rich waters and beautiful coral reefs. Enjoy watching the stunning coral life underwater and relish this gorgeous beach. This beach, however, has no local market, but people here manage to bring their food and drinks. This beach has free entrance here which is more frequented by locals besides tourists. Hop into this beach Playa which is a beautiful bay of Curacao and has water extremely clear and calm. The underwater life has plenty to see. You can enjoy lots of things here with your loved ones. Go snorkeling, if you want to adore most of the reefs that are located on the left side of the playa. This beach itself is the cleanest with a fairly easy entry into the water.

Shete Boka National Park

Shete Boka National Park is an idyllic park that stands on the edge of the island with lots of vantage points for anyone who wants to see the natural size and “mouths” that are formed by the rocks. These huge rocks hit the waters of this park with natural inlets. So, guys take the opportunity to drop into this park which is located near the beaches of Forti and Kalki. Watch out for the infrastructure of the park which is so simple, and houses stunning rock formations which are impressive and worth a visit. 

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Punda is the busiest commercial center and is the most beautiful part of Willemstad. This site has a wide array of; boutiques, various clothing stores, shoes, perfumes, electronics, and souvenir shops to choose from. You will find everything that is concentrated on the two streets; the famous Heerenstraat and Madurastraat, which is a pedestrian-only area. You will find that Punda is a place full of restaurants, and includes some of the shops facing the floating bridge. Reach the floating bridge which is a very beautiful view both day and night. Enjoy this bridge which you have to walk on foot to see the old houses which are still preserved and well painted. Come here to know the historic reminder of this city that was once a colony of the Netherlands.

Kura Hulanda Museum

Kura Hulanda Museum is a museum that shows the history of Curacao African culture during its slave trade. This museum offers a perfect idea of how people used to travel to get to Curacao on ships and the kind of life they led. 

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