How To Remove Dark Circles In 2 Days Permanently


The eyes are the most beautiful and most used part of the human body. One can see everything around because of the eyes. The eyes give you the ability to visualize things and feel them also it is the most sensitive organ of the human body. 

The sensitive organs should be handled with care because there are many problems which are associated with these sensitive organs. This can be a major problem or can be a minor issue. The minor issues are also considered major in some cases is the issue of dark circles. Dark circles below the eyelids are the most common problem in many humans that is due to many reasons. Some of the common reasons are considered for dark circles which can also be the reason for eye bags.

  1. The major factor which is considered is based upon the age factor. As with age your eyes also get of the same age and can cause problems like dark circles or eye bags etc.
  2. Genetics can also be the reason for dark circles known as periorbital hyper-pigmentation.
  3. Other major problems which cause dark circles are somewhat related to your color complexion as dark skin tones are more prone to hyper-pigmentation.
  4. Fatigue is also considered the main reason for dark circles. 

Many other factors are considered for contributing to the problem of dark circles. Read on to get to know the detailed view of causes and treatments that should be considered while talking about dark circles. You can go through How to remove dark circles in 2 days permanently.

Causes and Treatment of Dark Circles

There are major factors that are the main reason for Dark Circles. Some of them are listed below in detail.


  1. Fatigue: oversleeping, less sleep, or staying up after your normal sleep hours cause eye puffiness and dark circles. Sleep deprivation also makes your skin dull and pale.
  2. Age Factor: Natural age factor is also one of the major issues that cause dark circles under the eyelids. As you get older your skin becomes thinner which makes your skin prone to problems because of less fat and collagen that is used to maintain the elasticity of the skin.
  3. Allergies: Sometimes some people are allergic like eye dryness and many other allergic reactions which cause many other problems including dark circles.
  4. Eye Strain: Some people have a problem while staring at television, laptops, mobile phones, etc. Which can cause darkness around the eyes.
  5. Dehydration: When your body does not get the proper amount of water it will cause dehydration and that dehydration can cause eye darkness.
  6. Overexposing to Sun: If you are exposing your face more to the sun than the required heat for the body that can also create many problems like dark circles.
  7. Genetics: Genetics is the major reason which causes dark circles if they are possessed by your parents too. You are more prone to hyperpigmentation when your ancestors have the same.


  1. Apply cold compressing: Apply cold compressing to your eyes to reduce the effect of dark circles and also reduce swelling and puffiness of eyes slowly.
  2. Get Proper Sleep: Taking proper and appropriate sleep can help you reduce the dark area around your eyes. With appropriate sleep, you also reduce swelling and puffiness.
  3. Use teabags: You can use cold tea bags to remove the dark area around your eyes. Caffeine and antioxidants in tea help in stimulating blood circulation.
  4. Use Concealer: You can use a makeup product named concealer and apply it for temporary removal of the dark area around your eyes.


Home treatments are also reliable but they work after some specified time only if you do these treatments regularly. Medical treatments sometimes are the permanent and quick solutions to the problems of dark circles. 

  1. One can have chemical peels to remove the pigmentation around the eyes.
  2. Laser surgery is designed to resurface and tighten the skin.
  3. Tissue filters to conceal blood vessels.
  4. Many surgical implants of synthetic fibers and fats can be done.         

One should only opt for these treatments if the problem is major and becoming worse day by day but if you have minor problems then you can work on home-based treatments and remove the darkness around the eyes. 


In the end, dark circles are the most common eye problems which can be due to many reasons which can be genetic, due to some allergy, eye-straining, fatigue, etc. But one can overcome these problems by following various treatments that can be natural as well as medical. Medical treatments as discussed above are the permanent solution to the problems of darkness below eyelids which are done by various processes named as chemical peel off, Laser, tissue filters, surgical implants, etc. Whereas Home-based treatments are long-term and slow processes that take time in improvement only if done regularly.

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