Why Web development and web designing are two important factors in today's scenario

Essentials about Web Development

Web Development is the work involved in designing a website for the world wide web or the private network known as the internet and Intranet Respectively. The Web development online course provide deeper insights and required expertise in this domain. Web development includes the development of the website from the initial point that is further listed into various three categories:

  1. Front-End Development
  2. Back-End Development
  3. Full-stack development

Web development is a profession with a lot of exposure to new technologies and new projects. This is the field that is growing day by day and giving numerous opportunities to people in their growing careers. Let us talk about these three factors in detail and understand and go through basic  Web development interview questions and answers PDF.

Front End Development is the client interface of the website that means that part of the website, which is live and visible to users.

Back End Development is the server interface of the website which is visible only to the individual or organization working on the website that includes codes and other criteria used while making the website.

Full-stack development is referred to as a mixture of front-end development and back-end development that means it is the development of both the client-side and server-side of the website.

Essentials about Web Designing

Web designing as the word suggests includes designing in different firms and criteria this may include Graphic designing of the website, UI designing referred to as user interface designing, and UX designing known as User experience designing of the website using standard codes and software designed for it and some work over search engine optimization which includes basic web designing.

 Sometimes there is a team set up for the same, but sometimes a single individual knows the technicalities and requirements for web designing in all aspects. The quality of Web designing depends on the quality of work you do for each firm. 

Read more to know the details about the different aspects of web designing and also you can get through some of the web design question and answers pdf for better understanding of your queries.

The different aspects included in web designing are:

  1. Web Graphic designing: Web Graphic designing helps you in specializing in the usage of different creative and software programming skills which include engineering skills that help in improving the website structure and looks that means it is purely a client-based model as the designing is visible live to the users.
  2. UI designing: UI designing is reoffered to user interface designing which uses different software and specified codes for the design development which are computerized and focused on looks as well as style.
  3. UX designing: This is usually referred to as user experience designing which means it is purely user-based that is establishing persona, marking the research-based over the personas, and implementing those in their designs according to the user requirements and demands. These are user-focused and multi-disciplinary.
  4. Search Engine Optimization: Graphic designing plays a major role in the field of search engine optimization that means the images and the content put up while doing SEO (search engine optimization) is the major designing part that is used in it. This means it includes unique designing, prototyping, creative thinking which is pixel-focused and specific in nature.

Importance of web development and web designing

  • Web designing and web development are the most important part if you are talking about web services as one includes basic development of the website that is front end based back end based or sometimes full stack and other is the graphic of the website which is general designing of the website. 
  • These two are equally important because development is server-based to many extents but designing is the front face or the attracting particle of the web.
  • Web designing is important because people might see the content and services but they only prefer to read in detail if they see something attractive.
  • Web designing is the key factor in web development as once the design is done the developed website seems to be attractive to users.
  • Once the design is attractive the website must be designed according to proper rules and regulations which help you in increasing the factors of your website that is domain authority, page authority, and help you in decreasing your spam score.


In the end, Web designing and web development both are key factors when you talk about web services. Both these firms work hand in hand to get better outputs. Because the developed website is important to make designs for the same. Similarly, designing is important to give the website the desired look so that people get interested in your goods or services while seeing your online web presence. These two factors web designing and web development have different firms working on different roles like front-end development, back-end development, full-stack development UI/UX designing, Graphic designing, etc.

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