Must Learn Topics to Keep Up With Technology in 2022

New technologies are emerging every day, which is why it’s so hard to figure out where to invest your time, energy, and money. Most importantly, what’s really to figure out is what’s here to stay and what will help you land your new job or business, for that matter. 

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Moving on, if you want to stay ahead with your tech knowledge, here are a few emerging technologies that you need to brush up on or perhaps add to your skillset. Enter 2022 with new knowledge and surprise everyone else and even yourself maybe. Enter the new year fully prepared for it. 

Just an extra tip: you can also get online courses for these techs for as low as $11 on various websites. Just in case you really want to invest in it fully. 

Here we go!

Artificial Intelligence

AI is just a vision right now, but when it will be, it is expected to be equivalent to a human's intelligence level. Moreover, there also is a vision of V2.0, which, if it is created, will leave humans the second place in intelligence after claiming the first. 

Since it is still to be created, we, for now, have narrow AI. Narrow AI, too, is smart, but it is very limited and specific. It powers a lot of things that we use in our daily lives, like SPAM filters, Google maps, and virtual assistants like Siri. 

Max Tegmark, a physicist and machine-learning researcher, said in an interview: "What we're seeing now is that machine intelligence is spreading out a little bit from those narrow peaks and getting a bit broader."

Narrow AI still has a lot of room to improve. But till then, what we have is our best bet to save our daily time and energy by letting narrow AI deal sort stuff for us.

Alexa Development

Do you ever get tired of your Alexa or Siri giving you the same repeated answer over and over again? What if we told you you could create your own custom Alexa skills for professional or personal use. It is very much possible to do so. 

A few courses and you are good to go with creating your own custom Alexa skills. Anyways, the times are way too advanced to be just waiting around for someone to make the developments/advancements that you might not even enjoy.


While you can probably visualize robots working their magic in manufacturing, today’s newest robots have a wide range of applications, including medical and surgical uses, personal assistants, security, warehousing, logistics, and space or ocean exploration. 

Robots are having a generally positive impact on the globe. They are replacing some human employment while improving efficiency. Robotics improves economic activity, which in turn creates more opportunity for humans to develop new ways to earn money.

The cloud-connected robots are likely to become more advanced in the future. In the coming years, we anticipate to witness increased voice comprehension and human relationships.

Robotics will boost productivity and have the ability to reintroduce manufacturing production jobs to developed countries.


Crypto is the new way to spend and invest; moreover, the perfect way to secure your finances. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are great skills to capture that bridge the way between economics and technology.  

Learn the basics, ways to invest in crypto, and learn to identify the next big cryptocurrency. Use your time researching the new currency that could actually change your life. 

Mobile Development

Let it be a kid or an old person, and everyone spends most of their time on mobile phones or other screens. This habit is not going anywhere till another advanced system takes over. But what if we told you that you could spend this time in a more productive way. You can create apps etc., yourself for IOS and android. Moreover, you don’t even need experience for doing this. 

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