10 Things To Do on Valentine's Day 2022

Our Valentine's Day Date Ideas 

1. Cook Your Partner’s Favorite Meal 

Discover your partner's favorite foods by cooking a meal together. You may know what they order off of a menu at a special restaurant, but do you really know why they love this dish? Preparing this meal with your partner can be a great way of learning about them and their favorite foods. This Valentine's Day, explore a few of the dishes your sweetheart loves to indulge in. You can learn a lot about each other. 

2. Take a Bath Together 

A relaxing bath with your favorite essential oils and a flute of champagne can be a delightful experience when shared with your favorite person. Aromatherapy candles and relaxing music can also add a level of grandeur and romance to any Valentine's Day celebration. 

3. Visit the Botanical Gardens 

There is nothing more romantic than strolling around in a wonderland of beautiful flowers and greenery. Regardless of the time of year, botanical gardens are a favorite place for making discoveries in different climates. On Valentine’s Day, however, a visit to the botanical garden can make for a nice, sweet stroll with your significant other. If you have a love of plants or visiting exotic parts of the world, this is a perfect way to spend your day. 

4. Schedule a Couple’s Massage 

If you have never experienced a relaxing couple’s massage, do your homework. There are many different massage techniques available. If you are a newbie, talk to someone you know who has been super happy with their service. Next, speak

with a trained massage specialist on selecting the right program. Once you find the right spa and the right type of massage, schedule an invigorating couple’s massage for this Valentine’s Day. Who knows? This treat could become a yearly treat for you and your partner. 

5. Go on a Trip to a Flea Market or Auction 

Sifting through antiques and used items can open a door into the deep interests of your significant other. Discovery through chance encounters can bring you closer together. For example, you may find out that your love has a passion for unique salt and pepper shakers or distressed glass. Learn to appreciate your partner's interests as you explore on Valentine's Day. 

6. Enjoy a Movie Night in Matching Pajamas 

Matching couple pajamas can be a great Valentine's Day gift to give and receive, but there’s nothing like breaking in new pajamas with a cute movie night together. Pick out some of you and your partner’s favorite classic movies and grab some popcorn. That way, you’ll have everything you need to snuggle all night long in your warm matching pajamas. 

7. Go Out for an International Lunch Date 

Whether Greek, Italian, Japanese or Thai, make a reservation for international cuisine and test the appetizers and drinks. It can be a blast trying new foods and seeing the reaction to different tastes from your partner. Especially if these food types are a tad bit outside of your comfort zones. No matter how you end up rating the food, this experimental date idea is a great way to share smiles and laughs together. 

8. Stargaze With a Fruit-Loaded Cocktail 

The night sky can hold questions and answers that one could only imagine. To enjoy a blissful night under the stars, lay out a blanket, grab some binoculars and mix up a cheery fruity cocktail to enjoy with your partner. A quiet night under the night sky can be a wonderful way to share thoughts and quality time with your significant other. 

9. Visit a Museum 

Take a trip to one of the prominent museums in your area to enjoy a tour of their exhibits. Plenty of art, history and even science museums are known for their informative, impressive displays, and many museums in major cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Washington, DC, even share their delightful displays virtually as well. However you choose to experience your museum date, consider fixing your favorite cheese and olive platters with a nip of wine before enjoying the show with your partner. 

10. Take a Good Old-Fashioned Shunpiking Trip 

Shunpiking is when you travel the secondary roads to avoid busy traffic or highway tolls. Other terms used are "cruising" or "road trip" to nowhere in particular. Just let yourself feel free and enjoy nature along the backroads to nowhere. Don't forget to pack a lunch or a GPS so you can look up a small restaurant in case the day gets away from you. 

Choose Love and Entertaining Fun This Valentine’s Day 

There are so many entertaining activities that you and your love can do on Valentine's Day 2022. However, simply spending time together can be the most loving way that you can spend this day. Don’t stress yourself out by overcomplicating your planning process. To simplify your Valentine’s Day plans, just do the following: pick out a solid idea that you and your partner can enjoy together, schedule or reserve the date, and shift all other attention to being present on your special day with your significant other.

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