What do Employers Look For in HGV Drivers?

HGV driving is referred to as heavy goods vehicles.These are the commercial vehicles that are large and rigid in size and are used for the transportation of goods and services as per the licence type of the vehicle. 

Now there are various types of HGVs available for driving purposes but these are solely based on the type of licence, vehicle type, and type of load carried in the vehicle. There are various types of works that are involved in the field of HGV driving. These are: 

  1. HGV Multi Drop: This includes dropping in excess that is 65 drops per day, and not covering the larger area. It is done in small-sized vehicles that are lorries of 7.5 tones. 
  2. HGV Short Haul and HGV Long Haul: In HGV short hauls there are not similar drops to that of multi drop but there are larger drops with a smaller area and in HGV long haul there are very few drops but there is a longer area between the drops. 
  3. Single Drop HGV: It includes much bigger deliveries with the help of a driver's mate. 
  4. HGV 5 on 3 off: It is the most common type of HGV driving job which involves 5 days working and 3 days off. 
  5. HGV continental: In this type of job it is expected that a person remains away from home for a longer period. 
  6. HGV ADR: In this ADR work includes driving the large tankers, which contain the hazardous materials in the vehicle. The salary of the individuals driving this is also higher because of the threat of carrying hazardous chemicals. 
  7. HGV City Driving: These are the type of HGV driving field that is operating Lorries, tipper trucks, and other HGV driving vehicles in more congested driving zones. 

Skills Needed in HGV Driving 

Various skills are needed in terms of HGV driving. Some of the general skills that are seen by employers in terms of HG drivers are:

  1. Responsibility: A person should be responsible enough to go through the various aspects. There should be a sense of responsibility while driving to have safe and the best driving experiences.
  2. Alertness: a person should be alert while driving such large and rigid vehicles, so every person should be alert while driving to ensure their as well as other safety. 
  3. Having a good driving record: A person in the field of driving should have the best driving records just to ensure that they are hired by the best in their coming lives and also earn the best. 
  4. Patience: Patience is the most important aspect in terms of driving, one should have patience while driving to have the safest driving experience. 
  5. Maintaining proper speed: It is the most important skill to manage the speed of the vehicle in different driving skills.

Types of HGV licence

The below mentioned are the different types of licences used for driving various vehicles and you need to go through proper training for various licence types like HGV C+E Training

  1. HGV C+E licence 
  2. C licence
  3. C1 licence
  4. C1+E licence
  5. D1 Licence
  6. D1+E Licence