6 Things To Consider When Choosing An Electric Scooter Wholesale Supplier

Electric scooters are all the rage right now, and they're high in demand. They’re fast, fun, environmentally friendly and they get the same work done as a bike or a car, but at a reasonable price. While the electric scooters' rise in popularity has been quite recent in the United States, many other countries around the world that have adopted sustainable transport models, such as Europe, Taiwan, or Canada, already have a great demand for electric scooters. 

These scooters have made traveling much easier and up to five times faster than traditional transportation methods. In 2018 alone the global market value for electric scooters rounded up to around 17.43 billion dollars and will continue to grow even more in the upcoming years with an 8.5% increase. If you're in the market selling electric scooters, this is your chance to gain the advantage of this momentum and become the best electric scooter wholesale supplier

Naturally, with the increased competition in the electric scooters market, customers and wholesale buyers alike face difficult choices when it comes to choosing a reliable electric scooter wholesale supplier. 

If you're interested in buying an electric scooter, you may come across different problems and an overwhelming number of things to consider and look into. There are too many categories of brands, wholesalers, and markets to choose from in the market. It’s important to know what to consider and what to look for even when choosing a supplier to make the purchase from. 

The first question is whether you should buy these scooters from a local market, online retailer, or directly from the manufacturer. The answer to this question is simple; directly from the manufacturer would be the best idea. There are many websites available online that are verified businesses who're shipping wholesale electric scooters that were made in China to you. While some wholesalers get their products manufactured from China, requiring the consumers to have to place an order there, some wholesale suppliers like the Los Angeles Pro Scooters manufacture all their electric scooters in the United States, which means that their products are prepared and ready to go warehouse situated in California. 

When choosing an electric scooter wholesale supplier, it's always preferable that you find a local distributor. This ensures that all electric scooters that are sent out for delivery directly from the company can be shipped with quick services nationwide for free. 

What To Look For When Choosing A Wholesale Electric Scooter Supplier?

First things first, when you're a new user looking into buying an electric scooter, there are many things that you need to keep in mind regarding the quality, shipping, affordable prices, and whatnot. 

Prefer a Local Supplier

If you're an electric scooter company it makes much more sense that you prefer to choose a local distributor, one that has products easily stored in warehouses and ready to ship, in case there's a sudden surge in demand. You certainly don't want to be stuck with overseas suppliers that are difficult to contact when you need to reach out, instead choosing a local wholesaler helps you talk to them in person and even get on the same page with your needs. 

With local suppliers, you also have a better chance of putting in a request for certain changes in product specifications as per your customer demands.

Choose a Lightweight Scooter

The main thing that you should focus on is the weight of the scooters and their frame material and what metal they use. It's not only important to make sure what the electric scooter weighs but also how much weight it can withstand. If you’re investing your money in something, you need to be sure that the ride and carrying the ride are both comfortable. The Los Angeles scooter pros A3 electric scooter, for example, has a product weight of 60lbs whereas the max weight it can handle is 220lbs; whereas the A11 scooter has a product weight of 40lbs with a max weight capacity of 220lbs. Some scooters may have a lower or higher weight limit but it is important to understand which scooters are efficient for you and what would ensure your safety. 

Choose Long-Range and Battery Efficient Models

Another thing that should be kept in mind while shopping for these bikes and scooters is the range that your electric scooter offers. The range of the scooters may depend on many variables, going from max speed to max range and motor and battery capacity. A larger battery will hold more charge, which in turn allows for a greater range. 

Discuss with your wholesale supplier about the battery efficiency of their scooters. The customers care about how efficient the battery is because that leads to having to go through fewer charge cycles and thus a better range. There is no guarantee that different types of batteries will work the same over time but it should be expected that most traditional batteries suffer from wear and tear over time resulting in a lower range. Los Angeles Scooter Pros make their products available with a lithium battery with optimum charging time. Some of their products, including the X4 Electric Scooter, have a battery voltage of 36V DC and a battery capacity of 7.5 Ah. In the price that it's sold for, the quality of the lithium battery and unit of power used for this can be said to be of great advantage to the person buying it. 

Choose All-Weather All-Terrain Scooters

Although riding on the flat ground requires much less battery, make sure you check with your suppliers about the max speed and capability of these scooters riding up a hill. Many of these vehicles are shipped with instructions on all of its features available like for example our urban drift electric scooter for adults comes with a 25° max climbing capacity. It is also wise to keep asking your wholesale distributor for a few spare parts with you just in case something unexpected comes up, this way you’ll have a quick solution if you ever run up through a problem. 

Choose Electric Bikes That Don't Compromise on Safety

In terms of safety issues and commuting services, electric scooters are known to be the best option out there. These vehicles usually come with three different types of speed options that you can adjust depending on what your preference is. Los Angeles Pros Scooters make sure that the option is available in all their products like the A3 comes with three speeds with a max speed of 15 mph. Along with different speed modifications, these wholesale electric scooters also come with the latest disc brake systems that utilize disc brakes to make sure that there's better safety aside from the highly responsive rear disc brake, it also features front and rear led lights for more night visibility. 

Choose the Most Affordable Wholesaler

Understandably, many people who search for electric scooters are looking for an alternative to other vehicles at an affordable price. This becomes much easier when companies offer support to their consumers by offering a monthly plan. Companies like the Los Angeles Pros Scooters offer customer services that allow them to pay for their bicycles or scooters in installments every month creating an easy way for consumers to be able to pay the price. They also offer a 30 day no questions asked refund option. Considering the fact that they are able to offer their customers a scooter that is superior to other models on the market at a significant discount, the LA scooter suppliers certainly stand out from their competitors. 

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