How to Hire the Best Professional SEO Consultant

With three new websites created every second, it is more essential than ever to make your website stand out from the crowd.

You can do that with the services of a professional SEO consultant who can help you navigate the muddy waters of Search Engine Optimisation. But, how do you know who is the best consultant or SEO firm to hire? We can help you with that.

Keep reading to discover our top tips on hiring the best SEO consultant for your project and help you get the results you need to succeed.

Give Them An Interview

All great hires start with an interview, and finding a professional SEO company should be no different. Arrange a time to speak with the head SEO specialist and ask them about their services.

Listen closely to their responses and key an eye out for too much focus on where a site appears in the rankings. This is a red flag. They should be more interested in your business and how they appear to external customers online.

Appearing higher in the rankings is a great goal, but it should be the culmination of a lot of good work, not the only focus of any SEO project. Listen to see if they ask you questions about your business, your customers, and your competitors. This shows that they are interested in working with your business to achieve your SEO goals.

Check Their References

A good SEO firm should have excellent references from previous clients. They should be able to demonstrate how they worked together and what their projects' outcomes were. When speaking with your local SEO company, ask them about their previous successes and get some contacts.

You then need to speak with these previous references and see how things went from their perspective. One good question is whether any results they received as part of the project were sustainable after the contract. Any firm offering professional SEO services should be able to incorporate those practices into the day-to-day running of the company.

Here, you're looking for signs that the SEO company was thinking in the long term and not just providing quick wins and fixes to make themselves look good.

Ask For a Technical Audit

Once you have narrowed down your choices, ask your local SEO agency to provide you with a technical audit. An audit should provide you with a detailed list of everything you could improve on your site to increase user experience. UX is a big part of the Google algorithm, and if you provide a poor experience for your visitors, you will not be able to rank as effectively in the search results.

Hopefully, the technical audit results they provide will be focused on human experiences and not just making the site accessible to the search engine web crawlers. 

Find the Right Professional SEO Consultant for You

Once you have interviewed, checked their references, and seen the results of the technical audit, you should have the best professional SEO consultant or firm to do the job for you. If several options make it to this stage, then you can look at who offers the most affordable SEO services, not the cheapest. You want measurable results for the best return on your investment.

Then the real work begins of improving your website and making it the best user experience for your customers. If you want to learn more about SEO, please consider reading more of the technical articles on our site.

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