Instagram Creative Post Ideas for Small Business: What To Know

Are you old enough to remember when Instagram was a way to share photos with your friends and family? 

Today there are more than one million advertisers on the site. It's not surprising given the fact that Instagram comes in near the top of most engaged social networks. 

To get attention among the crowd of advertisers, your Instagram content ideas have to be fresh. Your goal is brand promotion, high engagement, and getting your followers to share your posts with others. 

Are you looking for ways to draw more attention to your company's Instagram profile? Keep reading to learn some Instagram creative post ideas and Instagram content examples to keep your followers engaged.

The Basics 

Before we get into Instagram content help, it's important to know the juggling act that goes into posting. It's almost a science. You have to know the perfect time to post and how to beat the algorithm. 

You also have to make time to engage with your audience, sometimes on the fly.

Even if what you're doing is working, sometimes a fresh approach is necessary to keep things going. Have fun trying out some new ideas for your posts and stories to up your following and engagement. 

Instagram Tips

Almost all Instagram users follow a brand but with 200 million+ business accounts on the site, you have a lot of competition. Let's look at some creative post ideas. 

Be Yourself on Reels 

Users love to get to know the person or people behind the account. Show your face and snippets of your daily life. Share some fun facts about yourself so your audience gains a personal connection with you. 

Any time you gain a bunch of new followers, introduce yourself again. Share something a little different each time so your long-time followers are still engaged. 

Offer a Mind Break

Our brains are constantly going with all of the stimulation from social media platforms. Give your audience a mental break with a puzzle to solve, a breathing exercise, or a pop quiz.

Use Memes 

When you use relatable memes that resonate with your audience, they are very likely to share them with others. This boosts awareness of your brand. 

Keep them light and funny so you connect with your audience on an emotional level. 

Are you looking for Instagram post ideas for business? Design eye-catching memes in a matter of minutes with this meme generator. Get started for free making customized and personalized memes that'll help you stand out from the crowd. 

Instagram Creative Post Ideas For Your Small Business 

Give your small business a boost with these Instagram creative post ideas. With Instagram constantly changing its algorithm, it's a challenge to come up with innovative ideas about what to post. Take advantage of your Instagram options and use stories and IGTV in addition to posting on the feed. 

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