5 Things to Do Before Your Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

A scalp tattoo is a popular hair loss treatment that gives you the appearance of a fuller head of natural hair. If you are considering a scalp micropigmentation treatment, you'll want to adequately prepare. For instance, shaving your head, moisturizing the skin, and avoiding blood-thinning substances all can help you remain comfortable throughout the procedure. Read on to learn more about what you should do before a scalp micropigmentation procedure.

Shave Your Head

Cut your hair short before receiving scalp micropigmentation treatment. A shaved head gives the artist a perfect view of the scalp area that requires treatment, allowing them to create a more natural look. It also makes it easier for you to keep your scalp consistently clean after treatment.

Shave your head the night before the appointment to get excellent results. Shaving on the day of your appointment leaves your hair follicles open, which can cause a reaction to the procedure. Cutting your hair the night before treatment gives your pores time to naturally close. Once the artist administers a scalp tattoo, the pigment used can cause soreness and redness on the treated area, so it's best not to have hair or unhealthy pores interfering.

Moisturize Your Scalp

SMP procedures entail using tiny needles to implant a special pigment into the scalp. For the needles to get into your skin surface smoothly, your skin needs to be soft.

Applying a suitable moisturizer to the scalp helps soften the skin. Consider using the moisturizer at least twice daily for the best SMP treatment. 

A softer skin also helps keep you comfortable throughout the procedure. By giving the needle clean and easy access beneath the skin's surface, you can minimize pain or discomfort.

Moisturized skin also makes it easier for the artist to deliver the right amount of pigment to the area affected by hair loss. This allows you to get consistent results with fuller and more natural-looking hair. 

A well-moisturized skin allows your practitioner to administer a scalp tattoo faster and more effectively. This helps save you time, and you can return home in about 3-4 hours.

Avoid Blood Thinners and Topical Hair Products

When you take blood-thinning products, the quantity of platelets in your body reduces. Once the artist administers the treatment, your blood’s clotting rate reduces, leading to excessive bleeding. The pigment implanted into your scalp mixes with blood and flows out, affecting the SMP treatment efficacy and desired results.

Also, avoid energy drinks, drugs, alcohol, aspirin, and caffeine-based products before treatment. Instead, consume fenugreek seeds, cinnamon, and ginger. These natural products have essential minerals responsible for generating platelets. They help thicken your blood and improve blood clotting. These measures allow you to recover fast and enjoy great results from the SMP treatment.

Avoid using topical hair products made of oils, conditioners, and styling chemicals before your treatment. These substances block hair follicles vital for giving you fuller and real-looking hair. 

Topical hair products interfere with the SMP pigments, affecting the final results' quality. If you use these products 48 hours before your treatment, cleanse your scalp correctly. This allows the practitioner to administer the treatment properly for excellent results. Consider asking your practitioner for more information about the hair products to avoid before the appointment.

Choose Your Favorite Hairline

Getting a good idea of the hairline you desire before the SMP treatment is paramount. It helps you find the best scalp tattoo style for your needs. This gives your tattoo artist an idea of what to expect, making it easier for them to give you a perfect look. Consult a qualified SMP artist to help you choose the hairline style that suits you.

You should discuss the possible results and your expectations with the practitioner. Bring pictures of desired outcomes, such as a printed image or images on your tablet or phone. Doing so enables you to agree on the treatment results.

Eat a Proper Meal and Stay Relaxed 

Eat a proper meal prior to the treatment. This gives you enough strength to sit through the procedure confidently and calmly. The SMP procedure lasts up to 3-4 hours, depending on the type of hairline and artist. Having healthy blood sugar levels allows you to enjoy the process without feeling dizzy, nauseous, or uneasy.

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SMP treatment has become a popular solution for many people experiencing hair loss. It would be best if you prepared for this special treatment to get desired results. Try to shave your hair, moisturize the skin, and avoid blood-thinning substances. You should also choose a suitable hairline and stay relaxed during the treatment for a good experience. Schedule a scalp tattoo consultation with a professional artist for excellent treatment results.