Where Can I Sell My Homemade Lip Balm

Making bulk lip balm is one thing but getting it into the market is a different ball game. Creating a lip balm business is possible with effective marketing strategies and product ideas. You can build a website and include lip balm variants you want consumers to buy. Here is where you can sell your homemade lip balm.

Social Media

Having an effective marketing plan will help to set up your online shop. Selling homemade lip balm online requires you to drive your traffic to your website. Consider these social media platforms for more ROI and traffic:


Instagram is a great platform for selling lip care products. The platform has many businesses and users, so you need a marketing strategy to be seen. Use specific hashtags related to lip care visibility. 

Make it a habit to post your products to engage with your audience. Advertise all your products so clients can choose from a wide selection.


Pinterest provides an opportunity for you to showcase your products to new customers. The platform is a visual search engine that may take a few months before you start seeing growth.

To sell successfully on Pinterest, identify your target market. Find out if your audience uses Pinterest to be able to sell your products. 


Social media influencers can promote your homemade lip balm at a fee or free merchandise to grow your audience. Identify an influencer in your industry. Before committing, look at their feed to confirm that they share the right content and recommendations. If the terms of the influencer match your budget, this would be a great way to get your lip balm in front of your target customers.


Ecommerce is another convenient way to sell lip balm. Build a website and include all the products that you make from home. Here are a few ways to attract potential clients with various price points:

One Lip Balm

Individual lip balms are a favorite among many consumers. Once a person identifies a specific lip balm they love, they may be loyal customers for a long time. The packaging should portray your your brand's aesthetic. Consider updating packaging seasonally to reflect holidays since they are popular gifts.

Boxed-up Sets

There is no doubt that convenience sells. Homemade lip balms that come already packaged could be a turning point for your business. 

You can wrap each chapstick in paper jewelry boxes and box up them in sets of five or ten. Bulk sets can make ideal gifts for teachers, coworkers, weddings, and baby showers. 

Custom Labels

Printing custom labels for your products can open up endless opportunities for your business. Labels help customers to identify your products. 

The right labels will give your products a professional look. Enlightened purchasers will look at the label to check for product information.

In Person

Online sales have been on the rise in every industry but building a relationship in person is also a great way to network. Here are a few ways to interact with potential customers in person:

Farmer's Markets 

Many locals go to the Farmers Market every week, which makes it a great place for repeat customers. To sell your products at the Farmer's Markets, you may have to pay a fee for the booth for the entire season. You can look for a complimentary booth if you can't manage the commitment and time. You could trade off or partner up with someone every other week. 


Set wholesale prices and identify local boutiques that would love to buy your homemade lip balm. Local customers will jump at the chance because they'll avoid shipping fees. When visiting local boutiques, carry samples of your lip care products and business cards. 

Promotional Items

Giving away lip balm products is a strategy that can help you to sell your products. Customers need to talk about your homemade chapstick. 

When quality products reach specific target customers, more people will know about your business leading to success. Promotional items could be in the form of:

  • Raffles and donations
  • Samples
  • Gifts

Find the Best Online Supplier of Bulk Lip Balm Supplies

Look for a reputable supplier of bulk lip balm supplies to make quality products. A company focusing on excellent customer service and superior quality will have specialty ingredients to make different lip balm variants. Compare the portfolios of multiple suppliers online and choose one who delivers wholesale products from the best brands.