How to prepare for Raksha Bandhan

Raksha Bandhan is on its way and we are not even thinking about doing the arrangements and preparing for rakhi combo gifts and other preparations. This is human nature to postpone the task and leave it for the moment. This takes the celebration into the backseat and people start freaking out about the name of the festival because they have to prepare. This is why we have prepared this blog through which you can understand how you can prepare for Raksha Bandhan so that it won't be a worry someday. While many might think that Raksha Bandhan is a simple festival, and it doesn't require.

First things first, buy Rakhi

The preparation of Raksha Bandhan starts with Rakhi. You will have to purchase rakhi beforehand so you don't have to worry about the day of the festival. Selecting a Rakhi can be a bit difficult for obvious reasons like there is a lot of variety available. And you have to choose one rakhi among them. There are people and families who also tie rakhi to the sister-in-law so you will have to find rakhi for the couple or go for the individual pieces. Even children tie rakhi so you will have to buy amusing rakhis for children as well which they like. 

Get your clothes ready

Any Indian festival calls for great celebration, food, and clothes. It is not hidden from anyone that there are various attires. You might want to decide early on so you can also decide the accessories to wear with it. There are a lot of things to do for the festival you don't want to leave the worry of other things piled on to it. If your clothes need any dry cleaning, alterations or ironing get it done in advance. This will save you from a lot of trouble. Keep everything ready and then ock your outfit on the day. 

Thali for Puja

Rituals are a big part of every festival celebration and so do the steps of collecting the times for that ritual. There will be many things you'll need for that. Of course, starting with the thali. Pick the right size of thali. It will depend on the number of items and the number of things you will be keeping on that thali. It usually has rakhi, kumkum, chaval, and Diya for arti and sweets. But many families have their own traditions and rituals as well so they can select thali based on that. Then you have to decorate the thali. There are decorated thalis available. You can do it at home as well. It's up to your convenience. Put some flowers on the thali. It is said to be good for the shagun. 

Gather all the ingredients which are required for the rituals

Rakhi is not finished without the list of requirements. Actually, no Indian festival is finished. But Raksha Bandhan doesn't have a big list. Most of the things that are required are keeping the rakhi handy during the celebration. It is also necessary that you have some spare rakhi if anyone unexpectedly shows up, or if the original one is lost or broken. You will need some rice, flowers, sweets, kumkum, gifts, rakhi, and a matchstick box for lighting up the Diya. 

Check the muhurta

Indian culture has a lot to do with astrology, timing, and muhurta so if you are going to tie rakhi it has to be in shubh muhurta. But a lot of people don't know how to check it. This is why you have to check it in advance. You can take the help of an astrologer or check from the temple so they can guide you about the exact time. 

Buy gifts in advance

Rakshabandhan involves a lot of gifts. Siblings buy other gifts. Every member of the family celebrates with their siblings so this means all of them have to buy something. This makes the process long. That is why it is helpful if you start the purchasing process in advance. Think carefully of everyone's choices and needs and it will make the choice easier for the rakhi gift box. If you start purchasing early then this gives you a lot of time to think of everyone's choice and buy rational gifts within the budget as well.