How to surprise your siblings this Raksha Bandhan?

Rakshabandhan is a festival that is celebrated every year on the Purnima of Shravan month. The former information is very obvious and can be predicted by anyone. This detail might make it dill because everyone sees it coming. So any gift you are planning like a Rakhi Combo set might get anticipated by your siblings or they can see it hiding in your closet because the day is coming. But what they cannot predict is your plan for surprising them this Raksha Bandhan. It can be a little tricky because it is a festival and there are many traditional rituals that need to be followed. But you should plan something which can be done after all the celebrations and rituals are done. In this way, no one will see it coming. Your plans will make the Raksha Bandhan more exciting. Let's start with some amazing ideas for surprises. 

Plan a picnic

So the first idea which can actually be lovely is planning a picnic. During the Raksha Bandhan time, the monsoon weather is at its peak and everything seems more beautiful. Sitting around nature and eating your favorite food might be the best idea in the climate. Executing this plan requires no pre-planning and can be executed at zero cost too. You just have to take the food which was prepared for the Rakshabandhan celebration and eat it outside under the blue sky. 

Movie with the family

Your entire family might get tired after a huge celebration and endless guest lists. They have to welcome many people on Raksha Bandhan day and many relatives visit your house. This increases the amount of work you and your family have to do that day. After that, it might get impossible to convince them to go on an outing. But movies can be considered a good idea for them. In a movie theater, they can relax in comfortable seats and chill with the popcorn on hand. 

A photo album

You might have hundreds of photographs from your childhood. Those are the memories you cherish every time you all sit down and remember the moments. But in these times people have stopped looking at physical photographs and capturing everything on their phones. You can collect those photos and create an album for them. This would be like a treasure to your family too. You can also mix current pictures in this album. 

Mixed tape

Growing up we used to listen to a lot of songs with our siblings. Today when there are a lot of platforms available where you can easily okay songs online, it is a nice idea to mix some songs for them. You should include the songs which were released while you were kids and used to listen together. This is a great idea which will make them very happy. Going with Themis time you can also make an online playlist and share it with them. With the help of many applications, you can also listen to music at the same time. 

Buy their favorite book series

This idea is applicable if your sibling is an avid reader. If they are then it is great news for you. It is because a reader loves nothing more than new books to their collections. You don't even have to think much before buying, just pick their favorite book or book series and give it to them. There are sometimes limited editions that you can get or that or find out what they are planning on reading next and then that is the book you need to buy. 

Bring their favorite chocolate

Chocolate is loved by everyone. Your siblings might love it too. After growing up it is rather seen that they forget to enjoy their little chocolate treat. While in childhood they used to take other's chocolate too. To experience the nostalgia you should buy them a chocolate box for rakhi. It will make them happy and it is an easy peasy surprise too which won't take much time to plan. 

Final Words

A sibling's relationship does not need a festival to prove its worth. It can be expressed throughout the year with great gestures. But special occasions have special demands and Rakshabandhan is one of them. Celebrating Rakshabandhan with the regular rituals is obvious but adding some new plans and surprises can make your siblings and the family happier.