How To Promote Your Ice Hockey Tournament Effectively

Successful athletic events owe half of their outcomes to the fans who show up to watch. It's crucial to have a large and enthusiastic crowd at any event since they are the ones that create the mood, encourage the players, and elevate the game to a higher level.

There is a wide variety of platforms where sports fans may get their fix of relevant information, so it would be up to marketing departments to develop novel strategies to attract and retain customers. With the right marketing strategy, sports teams can connect with their audience and compete with the myriad entertainment alternatives available to their fans. Here are a few effective strategies to successfully promote your ice hockey tournament. 

Facebook for the win 

Keeping your fanbase in the loop is important, but social media's true value lies in its ability to foster meaningful, two-way communication with them. Social media is a strong instrument for storytelling and engagement, but it may be hard to quantify the return on investment in terms of ticket sales.

You may gain a lot of attention on your ice hockey event by using free or low-cost online promotion strategies. To get the word out about your sporting event, Facebook will be a crucial social media platform for you. If your sports team or company has a Facebook Page, you can create an event on the platform, publish it there, invite attendees, and, if you're willing to spend money, "boost" it to a highly targeted audience. You may also benefit from using platforms such as PosterMyWall to help you in making ice hockey posters to go with your event invite. 

Instagram marketing

Similarly, Instagram is an excellent tool for promoting your event because it allows you to live stream to your followers, share behind-the-scenes footage through your "stories," which are visible for 24 hours, and post captivating images and videos to your feed, which will remain on your profile for much longer.

Instagram allows you to experiment with visual media by posting various photographs and videos, some of which will be permanently published to your profile. In contrast, others will be shared as stories or live feeds to provide more context and flavor to your event. Graphic ads do very well on social media; however, you would want to include information on purchasing tickets to make it more apparent. If you need help creating posts, PosterMyWall offers some amazing Instagram post templates for you to take inspiration from. 

Don’t shy away from emails

Email marketing lets you remain in touch with your audience for an upcoming sporting event by sending out announcements to their inboxes. You can obtain this list of email addresses by collecting people's information when they sign up for marketing. Include a picture or flyer of your event, tell them where to get tickets, and sell them on the amazing show they're missing out on!

Incorporate influencer marketing

Working with influencers is a terrific approach to get people talking about your ice hockey tournament. Still, you should keep in mind that it's very unlikely you'll find an influencer to promote your event without giving a financial incentive, so you should only think about it if you have the means to do so.

A person with a large following will promote your event to their fans, who "follow" or "like" the influencer because they value their viewpoint and turn to them for guidance. Using an influential person in your industry as a partner may be a powerful promotional strategy. It may also help your cause if they post your winter sports poster to promote your tournament. 

Focus on branding

To attract attention to your event in the real world, one of the best things you can do is give it a unique brand. There are probably a lot of other football matches happening at various levels and venues in your region, so if you're hosting one, don't expect it to stand out. Here is where your event's branding comes into play to set it apart and attract the right kind of guests.

Creating a unique hashtag for your event is a great way to build awareness and may be used in social media postings and other marketing materials. Pick a hashtag relevant to your event and use it anywhere, whether through emails, social media postings, or print materials, so that people interested in attending can locate everything you've shared about the event in one place.

As a bonus, you'll have a very well-curated pool of user-generated material to re-share if you encourage participants to use the hashtag during the event.

Final verdict:

We hope the recommendations mentioned above have served as a helpful guide for promoting your next ice hockey event in a manner that will secure a great audience of fans, regardless of your financial situation.

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