The Ultimate Guide To Cracking The Coding Interview

Learning coding and the basics of programming with proper skillset to solve real world problems is what makes the difference between your chances of getting recruited by your dream company. 

Cracking the coding interview is definitely a challenging and overwhelming process especially if you are a fresher. Though, being alert and thinking on your feet will definitely make it easier for you to perform well in your coding interviews.

Also when you have a full-fledged coding interview guide in the form of a fully structured blog, what more do you have to worry about, right?

So put your hesitation and nervousness aside and let’s get started on the journey to your dream company! 

What Are Coding Interviews?

Coding interviews are essentially technical problem solving interviews that are designed to test the skills of candidates who are involved in computer applications and designing software programs.

Typically, the coding interviews for multinational and tech companies are conducted on the Whiteboard Online Compiler where the creativity, problem solving skills and coding abilities of the tech interview aspirants are assessed.

One needs to have extensive knowledge of DSA, puzzles, algorithms and especially programming problem solving abilities in order to ace their coding interviews.

It is also important to understand that the coding interviews for tech companies are divided into several rounds that determine whether the applicants will be selected or not. 

So are you excited to ace your next tech interview like a pro, here are a few important tips and tricks for cracking the coding interviews! 

Different Levels Of Cracking Interviews

The levels or tiers in coding interviews are designed to make sure that the cognitive thinking skills are tested to the fullest potential of every candidate.

Not lacking in any area, whether it is coding or problem solving should be the main goal of every applicant. 

That said, here are the different levels you will have to ace in order to get a chance of having a one-on-one interview with the HR for the final round!

1. The Quiz

For full disclosure, the quiz round is not as essential as the other rounds.

Some of the tech companies prefer conducting an online tech quiz during your application procedure.

One can expect the most basic programming questions that will be based on Data Structures and Algorithms in this round.

Tips for acing the Quiz Round:

  • Make sure to cover the basic Data Structures such as Binary Trees, Linked Lists, Queues and Stacks.
  • Also, check out coding questions on String to be fully prepared for the entry-level quiz round.

2. The Coding Assessment

The Coding Assessment round is the first formal technical coding round that the applicants will have to clear in order to secure their positions in the further coding rounds.

This round is essentially conducted on the online testing portals of the respective company that you will be applying for. You simply log into their website and you will get access to an online compiler along with a coding question to solve.

Tips for acing the coding assessment round:

  • Make sure to write the codes in an explainable format so that when you are questioned by the interviewer you will be able to answer strategically.
  • Also, it is important to keep in mind to run your program before presenting it in front of the interviewer.
  • This way it will make it easier for you to explain your codes and algorithms to the interviewer.

3. The Technical Interview

The entire technical interview round will be based on assessing the abilities of the applicants for tackling real-time coding problems and providing feasible solutions to the type of problem statements presented to the candidates.

A technical interview will go something as follows:

  • A brief introduction will be asked about your profile.
  • The interviewer will then present you with one or maximum two coding questions that will have different difficulty levels.
  • The technical interview round can either be online or in-person. Either way, the applicants will be under the scrutiny of the interviewer.

Tips for acing the technical interview rounds:

  • The first question will definitely have a more difficulty level than the second question. With effect to that, it is suggested to make sure that you tackle the first question with as much accuracy as you can manage.
  • For the second technical round coding question, you can expect coding questions on string, DSA or OOPs. Hence, only mentioning the pseudo codes for this question would suffice.
  • The main strategy should be tackling both questions within the limited time frame and making sure that your codes are explainable.

4. The Paid Work Test

This interview phase is not mandatory for all the tech companies but it will certainly be included in the coding curriculum of a majority of the prominent tech organizations.

The "paid work test" as the name suggests will be your final assessment round where you will have to solve a full-fledged coding problem from one of the recent projects of the company for which you will be rewarded with a stipend.

Tips for acing the paid work test:

  • Well, it really depends on the type of project assigned to your at the moment. We would recommend scanning through the book "Cracking the coding Interview" to sharpen your theoretical knowledge on coding.
  • Make sure to submit your given task within your allotted time- frame to improve your chances of getting recruited.

5. The Behavioural Interview

Finally, we have the behavioural assessment round otherwise known as the HR Interview Round where the candidates will have to face several rounds of interviews with the recruitment department of the company.

Tips for acing the Behavioural Interview:

  • The goal should be to focus on your communication and answer delivery skills. For practicing prior to facing this round, make sure to talk with a guidance counselor and get assessed by them in your performance.
  • Also, try to define how you bode well  under pressure and how well you can manage responsibilities of leadership.

Winding Up

Ultimately, the guide to cracking the coding interviews lies within yourself. With sheer determination and will power there is nothing that can't be achieved.

That said, if you need assistance in career counseling or guidance for tackling interview bits such as solving DSA problems, OOPs, algorithms or coding questions on string,  refer to our website for more technical content.