Valentine’s Day How Would You Market Your Company this February

Valentine’s Day is a unique day each year and there are a lot of things you can do to take advantage of it in order to grow, even just a little bit. Personally, because of the time of the year and the positivity surrounding this day, I think it’s a great time to put together a unique campaign.

So, we hit the streets to see how others are marketing their company this February.

1. Include Valentine’s Day Items In Your Branding

Jarrett McCraw of Mighty Branding recommends you infuse some Valentine’s Day fun into what you’re publishing on social media, in your email marketing campaigns, and maybe even on your website.

“By doing some small, simple things, you can connect your content to the special day that is coming up. For Valentine’s Day, just include some hearts and arrows to have some fun with it. You can do the same for any holiday or special day throughout the year. You can even name it something like the ‘Valentine’s Day Sale’ or something even more creative that goes along with who you are and what you sell.”

2. Start Sending Valentine’s Day Cards Again

Patsy Sanchez, the Assistant Editor for Zodiac Sign, recommends you go back to middle school and start sending Valentine’s Day Cards again by email.

“What makes Valentine’s Day stand out over other holidays or events, are the small cards you gave to each other as kids. These cards often have fun and sweet messages that let others know you care about them, and not necessarily in a romantic way.

It can be a fun and sentimental touch as a small business to send your customers Valentine’s Day cards via email as a personal way of thanking them for their continued support. This email marketing tactic is sure to be a winner, as it’s a fun reminder of past days and it can be personalized to each customer to really make them feel appreciated. You can add fun graphics, but ensure to keep your brand logo in plain sight as this is important for brand awareness. You can have fun with the design and add fun messages to get people into the Valentine’s Day spirit! The service you provide to your customer has to be excellent and personalized if you want to see success with your marketing tactics, and Valentine’s cards can certainly help with that!”

3. Decorate Your Physical Location

Sara Robertson is the CEO at The Arbors Assisted Living and they’ve been known to decorate their locations in order to capture the essence of Valentine’s Day.

“We try to go the extra mile in spicing up our location by putting up decorations and showing off the spirit of the day. I think this is important for brick-and-mortar locations to do because it changes things up a bit and marks the day. I love walking into a location around Valentine’s Day and feeling the spirit of the day in my surroundings. Am I completely engulfed in Valentine’s Day and what it means? No, but it’s just nice to see some change and have businesses put effort into how they present themselves at different times throughout the year.”

4. Get Customers Involved

Steve Eakin, a business owner and the Founder of Love My Bonsai, is challenging business owners to get their customers involved in what they’re doing.

“Valentine’s Day is all about love and showing appreciation for those who you support and have admiration for. It can be a fun and unique marketing strategy for you to ask your loyal customers to share their love this Valentine’s Day by sharing content or feedback that shows how your product or service has helped them or someone they love. 

This content can be in the form of a picture, video, or text and you can appreciate them back by sharing the content they post via social media. This is a much more organic type of marketing that is perfect for this time of year because you are both supporting each other. It can be fun to add incentives to those who post, such as a small discount or they could be entered in a contest to win a prize if they submit to your request. This type of marketing strategy should be started well in advance of Valentine’s Day to ensure you get as many entries and submissions as possible!”

5. Plain and simple: ‘Show some love’ and promote a sale

Tim Woda is another marketing expert and Founder of an award-winning marketing agency called White Peak.

“I try not to overthink these special days, but think it’s fun to participate in one every month of the year. It’s a great excuse to run a sale and offer your customers something special that they can get excited about. It doesn’t have to be anything special, but some sort of sale or promotion can do the trick in getting people excited. Especially for February, with everyone being in the middle of the winter, it can help your business.

Valentine’s Day is especially an easy one to run with since everything is related to ‘showing the love’ and promoting companionship. Well, be a companion to your clients and ‘show the love’ with a simple, yet alluring sale!”

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