Characteristics Of Technology

Technology is an important update in our lives which makes us completely dependent on it in each and every area of our lives. We cannot imagine our life to be the same without technology. Currently, a kid of 3 years is even addicted to technology and an adult of 60 years is even quite addicted to technology. Therefore this is an important category of our life.

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Characteristics of the technology:-


We have our lives depending on mobile phones, computer systems and all these days for the purpose of work and what we do without the storing capacity of work over these gadgets. Don't we think life will get difficult if we don't have access to such things. Therefore, technology works a step ahead for maintaining these things by keeping the storage available at any time anywhere on the internet with the launch of features like icloud, google docs, dropbox and so on.


Now with the help of technology anything can be magnified. Any news, post or a photo posted anywhere on the Internet can break into sensational news and make a thing and can sometimes be criticized and sometimes get appreciation. Therefore, technology is powerful and can spread things within seconds for good or bad and that's why we can say that it is responsible for magnifying things.


Technology has made the life of people more easier and accessible as with the help of technology people can do things anytime and anywhere. Office work can be managed online through other countries, the files can be checked and stored, the news can easily be given and spread, Communication becomes easier, Education has become more accessible by e-books and other blogs available online. Therefore, life has become quite accessible with the help of technology.


Technology has helped in reducing the cost of advertisement and other ways of news and knowledge related segments as earlier the only option was printed things, articles and so on which with the help of technology become an easy access for people to reach through internet and other manners.

Lack of accountability:-

Technology has been harmful for children and young teenagers as this is making the trend of social media accounts encouraged where the young teenagers post status, pictures and other things without even checking the accountability of the people they follow or followed by which can be the result of many wrong things for them. Therefore, the use of technology can also be used in a false manner sometimes.

Therefore, technology has both the characteristics which are positive and negative and it further depends on the usage of the person that how they are using it.