A Key To Healthy Body With Vitamins & Minerals

Diet plays an important role in making your body healthy and it has been said if one is taking a balanced time according to the set schedule then a person can maintain the best body needed by themselves in order to look beautiful and stay healthy without any diseases.

Healthy body is key for efficiency, energy, activeness and disease free body and therefore, a person needs to be extra specific in terms of their body and try to maintain a balanced diet for achieving the goals towards their body.

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Various Vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet and for healthy body:-

Vitamins and minerals plays an vital role in achieving a healthy body as our body needs all the vitamins and mineral for its smooth running and if person are taking proper balanced diet then their body shall be disease free and healthy and for which one need to check details about certain vitamins and minerals required for healthy body goals and these are as follows:-


A body requires all types of vitamins for smooth functioning and every vitamins provide different sorts of energy and supplements to the body. We have various types of vitamins available such as vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B, Vitamin B6. Each of the vitamins is essential for the growth of the body and for the body to have a good immune system.


Iron is a type of mineral which plays an important role in blood and oxygen supply in the body. Iron is usually found in meat, cereals, fish, fruits and vegetables.

Potassium, calcium, magnesium:-

These are types of minerals which have been used in the body for the purpose of smooth functioning of the body and strengthening of the body. These minerals play an important role in making your bones and body stronger and stronger.

Folic Acid:-

It has been said that it is a must vitamin for mom-to-be or expecting moms as this helps in creation of DNA and is responsible for brain and spinal development of a fetus. For normal people it is important as it provides cell creation and also helps in preventing the brain and spine of a human body.


It is an essential mineral for the body which helps in increasing the immunity of the body as well as helps in making the senses of taste and smell better. Zinc also helps in dealing with the issues with respect to blood clots.


This is important in the body but in small amounts as these help in maintaining the proper balance of water and minerals and also helps in relaxing muscles, contracting and so on.

Therefore, every vitamin and mineral has their own benefits and a person needs to intake all but as per the required qty.