The Benefits of Enrolling in an SAT Coaching Program

If you are a student in India who is planning to pursue higher education in the US, you might be wondering how to prepare for the Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT, the standardised test that is required for admission to most American colleges and universities. The SAT is a challenging exam that tests your skills in reading, writing, and maths. It also has an optional essay section that evaluates your ability to analyse a source and write a coherent argument.

One of the best ways to prepare for the SAT is to enrol in an SAT coaching program. A coaching program can provide you with many benefits that can help you ace the test and achieve your academic goals. In this blog, we discuss some of the benefits of enrolling in the best SAT coaching in Delhi. So read on if you live in Delhi or nearby, and have always dreamed of pursuing a higher education in a college in the USA.

Table of Contents

  • Improved SAT Scores
  • Expert Guidance and Feedback
  • Realistic Practice Tests and Materials
  • Peer Support and Mentorship
  • Structured and Disciplined Study Plan
  • Conclusion
  • FAQs

Improved SAT Scores

A study conducted by the International Journal of Social Welfare found that students who took preparatory SAT prep or coaching scored 56 points higher than students who did not, on average. These extra points could be the make or break that decides whether or not you get into the college of your choice. This is especially true for students who’re eyeing Ivy League colleges, where the competition is extremely fierce. So sign up at the best SAT coaching in Delhi today to have the assurance of having statistics on your side.

Expert Guidance and Feedback

SAT coaching in Delhi has experienced instructors who know the ins and outs of the SAT. They will teach you the concepts, strategies, and techniques that are essential for answering the questions correctly and efficiently. Also, they will monitor your progress and give you personalized feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. They will help you identify your areas of improvement and work on them accordingly.

For example, if you struggle with geometry questions, the mentors at the best SAT coaching in Delhi will help you review the formulas and concepts, and give you tips on how to solve them quickly and accurately. Similarly, you will also learn how to take full advantage of the scientific calculator which most people don’t realise can do a lot more than simple arithmetic functions. 

Realistic Practice Tests and Materials

The best overseas consultancy in Delhi will provide plenty of practice tests and materials aligned with the actual SAT format and content. You will get to experience the test environment, time pressure, and difficulty level of the real exam. This will help you build your confidence, stamina, and accuracy. You will also get to review your performance and learn from your mistakes at the best SAT coaching in Delhi.

For example, if you miss a question on reading comprehension, the study abroad counsellors in Delhi will show you the explanation of why the correct answer is right and why the other options are wrong.

Peer Support and Mentorshiper

The best SAT coaching in Delhi will connect you with other students preparing for the same exam. During your combined batches which may include 4-5 other students, you will get to interact with them, share your doubts, tips, and experiences, and motivate each other. International education consultants in Delhi will also provide you access to mentors who have taken the SAT before and can offer you valuable advice and insights. You will feel less isolated and more inspired by being part of a community.

For example, if you are nervous about taking the test, you can talk to someone who has gone through the same before at the best SAT coaching in Delhi (yes, many of the mentors at Mentored have appeared for the SAT themselves) and get some reassurance and encouragement.

Structured and Disciplined Study Plan

A coaching program will provide you with a clear and realistic study plan that covers all the topics and skills that are tested on the SAT. You will have a fixed schedule of classes, assignments, tests, and revisions that will keep you on track and focused. You will also have deadlines and goals that will push you to work harder and smarter at the best SAT coaching in Delhi.

For example, if you want to score above 1400 on the SAT, you will have a target of how many questions you need to answer correctly in each section, how much time you need to spend on each question, and how often you need to take practice tests.


The SAT is a crucial exam that can determine your chances of getting into your dream college in the United States of America. It requires thorough preparation and practice to score well on it. Enrolling in the Mentored SAT coaching program can help you prepare effectively and efficiently for the exam by providing you with expert guidance, realistic practice, peer support, and a structured study plan. If you are serious about acing the SAT, you should consider joining the best SAT coaching in Delhi today.


1. Does Mentored provide international standardised test coaching other than the SAT?

Yes. Other than the SATs, Mentored also provides coaching for international standardised tests such as the ACT, GRE, GMAT, IELTS and TOEFL.

2. Is the coaching done one-on-one or in batches at Mentored?

The coaching at Mentored is usually done one-on-one or in small batches of 4-5 students.

3. Which part is hardest in SAT?

The hardest part of the SAT depends upon your strengths and weaknesses. Some find the Maths part hardest, for some others, it is English or the essay.

4. Will I learn how to write an application essay to US colleges at SAT coaching?

Yes. You’ll be taught how to write essays to go with your application at major US colleges through the SAT coaching classes at Mentored.