A Guide to Levels and Specialisations in NEBOSH



A widely accepted benchmark for credentials in health, safety, and the environment is the NEBOSH certification. NEBOSH certificates provide a thorough and reliable solution, whether you're a professional wishing to progress your career in occupational safety or an organisation looking to improve workplace safety. We shall examine the various NEBOSH Certification levels, specialisations in this manual to assist you in selecting the right course of action, and also we’ll go through What is NEBOSH

Table of Content 

  • What is NEBOSH? 
  • Levels of NEBOSH Certifications  
  • Specialisations in NEBOSH Certifications 
  • Choosing the Right NEBOSH Certification  
  • Conclusion 

What is NEBOSH? 

The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health, or NEBOSH, is a private testing organisation headquartered in the UK. Since its inception in 1979, NEBOSH has worked to improve health and safety standards in various global businesses. They create curricula, instructional resources, and tests for various health and safety certifications. NEBOSH certificates are highly sought after by both people and organisations because employers, governments, and professional groups widely recognise and acknowledge them.  

Levels of NEBOSH Certifications 

  • NEBOSH provides certificates at several levels to accommodate people with various health and safety knowledge and experience levels.  
  • Those who need a basic awareness of health and safety concepts might benefit from the Award-level qualifications. For newcomers or staff members with minimal responsibilities for health and safety in their workplaces, these qualifications offer a solid place to start.  
  • The Certificate-level credentials are more thorough and provide you with a better comprehension of health and safety procedures. Supervisors, team leaders, or others with certain health and safety obligations in their positions might benefit from them. 
  • The most complex and in-depth certifications NEBOSH provides are at the Diploma level. These are intended for managers and health and safety professionals who want to advance their knowledge and make tactical choices about safety in their organisations. 

Specialisations in NEBOSH Certifications 

Within each level, NEBOSH offers a variety of specialisations that focus on specific industries, hazards, or aspects of health and safety. Some of the popular specialisations include: 

  • One of the most well-known NEBOSH qualifications is the IGC. It covers fundamental safety and health concepts and is applicable across various global sectors.  
  • With an emphasis on the unique health and safety hazards in the oil and gas business, this specialisation gives professionals the information they need to perform safely in this field.  
  • With this certification, people in organisations may recognise and manage environmental hazards. It addresses environmental management.  
  • This qualification addresses the specific health and safety concerns in the construction business and is excellent for anyone working in that field.  
  • This accreditation, which focuses on fire safety, aids people in becoming capable fire safety consultants in their organisations. 
  • The significance of workplace health and welfare is emphasised by this relatively emerging speciality, which addresses both psychological and physical issues. 

Choosing the Right NEBOSH Certification 

Choose a NEBOSH certification based on your career objectives, job responsibilities, and industry standards. Starting with an Award or Certificate-level qualification is advised if you are new to health and safety. Diploma-level certifications or specialised certificates are preferable for seasoned professionals seeking management positions or specialisation in certain sectors. 


For people and organisations wishing to improve their health and safety practises and understanding, NEBOSH certificates are a worthwhile investment. NEBOSH provides a variety of certifications to meet different degrees of experience and diverse sectors, ranging from fundamental concepts to advanced competence. You may advance your safety journey by choosing the NEBOSH certification that best suits your requirements and objectives. With a NEBOSH certification in your possession, you'll not only improve your job chances but also make a big contribution to making workplaces safer and healthier.