Why there should be compulsory education for all

Education is a term which enables various opportunities in life and career. Education provides a medium to a person through which he/she can earn. There is no question mark on the fact that education helps a person in various ways and that's why a person needs to take strict steps for attaining education. 

Although with the Right to Education Act in India elementary education has become compulsory for all the children between 6 years to 14 years and the Government has taken an initiative in the respect of this to provide education free of cost.

Importance of Education:-

Education comes up with great importance in life and these are as follows:-

Stability in life: Education provides you stability in life as it gives you a security that whatever the situation is you can earn through your knowledge and degree in life.

Understanding the values: Education provides you values either at home, work or for society and helps in having an open minded setup.

Helps in building confidence: Education teaches us how to behave in front of anyone and also provides us with confidence as when we understand things and we know how to deal and we are secure with respect to ourselves and our life then we will have confidence and this can be achieved through education.

Helps in creating opportunities: If you are educated then you can open various doors in terms of career and life for yourself as education helps in having a job and provides you ability to start your own business.

Helps in critical thinking: Education taught us logical reasoning and ability for critical thinking which has been required in different areas of life.

Helps in developing interpersonal skills: Education develops interpersonal skills as they teach us basic ethics to work being a child or an adult also they teach us how to treat people at workplace or at home with good kind behavior.

Helps in building character: Education system helps in understanding various cultures, languages and other things in life which helps us understand the lives of other people as well and also helps in developing a personality for ourselves.

Helps in fulfilling the basic needs: Education teaches us to take care of ourselves as it teaches us knowledge, self care and practical skills for our life which is sufficient for fulfilling the basic needs of life.

Helps in knowledge: Education teaches you various things and provides you knowledge with respect to various areas which is helpful in solving various problems.

Helps in attaining goals: It's never easy for a person to attain the goals they've been admiring but education helps a lot in attaining goals as it opens our mental and thinking ability towards various things which makes it easy for a person to attain and achieve desired goals.

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