Fitness and Karate

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Benefits of Karate

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Children are known for having short attention spans and flitting between activities. It has been demonstrated that learning karate can aid kids who have trouble focusing and paying attention in class. Martial arts like karate and others are frequently incorporated into comprehensive treatment plans for ADHD in kids. Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, written by renowned physician and author Dr. John Ratey, discusses the value of regular exercise like karate. Ratey talks about how regular exercise energises the area of the brain that controls memory and focus.  Along with developing discipline, karate students develop their ability to concentrate on the mat as they pay attention and obey the instructor's instructions. The attention in the karate studio quickly translates to better marks on the report card and better concentration in other activities. 


Are you aware that there is karate etiquette? The norms and traditions included into martial arts are known as karate etiquette. A karate practitioner soon learns to respect the other students, the sensei (teacher), and the environment of the studio or dojo. The proper way to address their sensei and rivals is taught to the students. Respect is shown even in the simple act of taking off your shoes before stepping onto the mat. Children are taught respect outside of the dojo through the practise of karate. Parents won't have to wait long to start hearing those sincere "pleases" and "thank yous" more regularly and without urging. A karate studio is a respectful environment. Students are expected to pay attention to the instructor and adhere to certain rules and procedures once they enter the karate studio for a session. Talking in class is prohibited by karate teachers, and playing around is a big no-no. 


Martial arts, such as karate, are not often regarded as sports. On the karate mat, each student is participating in an individual journey with unique milestones, unlike team sports where youngsters fight against one another for playing time as well as with opponents. Students who go through the belt system in karate learn how to handle difficulties, deal with anxiety, and deal with frustration, all of which contribute to an increase in self-confidence. Confidence gained on the mat will inevitably translate to your child's success in the classroom, in relationships with others, and in extracurricular activities like sports.