Changes In Fashion Over The Years

Over the years there has been huge changes in the fashion Industry of India as the spending capacity of modern day India has increased a lot. Also the thought process while buying clothes and accessories has been changed.

In current times, fashion has switched to luxury brands and branded shopping just like European and American Industry whereas earlier people in India preferred buying clothes from the normal market and there was no influence of European and American fashion on our country in terms of fashion.

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Changes in Fashion:-

We have seen that within the span of time there has been a huge evolution in fashion of both men and women specially in Indian society. Earlier the society was inclined to traditional Indian outfits which has within the span of time changed to western Garments where traditional ethnic outfits have just left as a part of festivals and typical Indian family culture. Let us see how it has changed drastically.

Saree to suits: Earlier the women used to wear saree in houses and each and every function which has been converted into suits by modern age girls. Although the trend of saree has not come to end but it has been reduced a lot as earlier most of the women used to wear sarees after their wedding at their homes which has now converted into suits in most of the families. Therefore, we can say that there is a huge change in the fashion of sarees.

Suits to Coordinates: Now with the growing trend of coordinates from the past 2 years there has been a sudden shift seen in today's young girls and young married girls from suits to coordinates. Coordinates are comfortable and look trendy as they give the look of western wear with little touch of basic suits and sometimes complete western. Coordinates are the most trending fashion of the current time.

Kurta-pajama in men to pant-shirt: Earlier it has been seen that the men prefer wearing kurta pajama in their daily work life, festive season and traditional functions which has been completely switched to pant shirt for their daily work life and also sometimes in traditional function. Although the trend of kurta-pajamas is still there, it has been limited to just traditional functions and festive seasons in men.

Western outfits for women: Women of today’s time prefer wearing outfits which are more focused on western trends and European culture. Now, women do not prefer wearing Indian traditional wear for their casual dinner outing at a restaurant or a club and therefore, the trend of western outfit has been increasing in Indian women as well.

Therefore, there is drastic change in the current fashion of both men and women from earlier times and now people are moreover attracted towards comfort clothing as well as western style of clothing range.